On Tue, 6 Feb 2007 10:49:03 -0500, Ari Johnson wrote:
> ...
> Now would also be a good time to consider changing to an XML file
> format for all our data.  That would make life easier.  But
> regardless, if anyone changes any file format, make certain to
> endianize when you save and when you load.  It's so much easier to
> take care of the endianness issues when you are writing new code than
> to have someone else do it months later. :)
As far as save games are considered you basically have a big pro and big
con for XML.
Firstly XML would obviously be the easiest to read/write and operate on
(i.e. with an appropriate parser).
Secondly however, XML wouldn't be near as fast as any binary format
would be (just grab data from a file and dump it somewhere in memory),
XML might have O(n) here where n=number of objects (buildings/droids/etc).

I'm not sure about my quantification of the performance hit though
(because O(n) seems a lot in an RTS game).


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