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> Why would the model depend on texpage co-ordinates? Currently
> all .img files have names, for example:
> 0,0,36,148,11,0,0,"IMAGE PBAR REQUIRED"
> A mod/model should know its textures not by their position on a
> specific texpage but more by their name. Thus, one has freedom to
> change and reorder texpages as they wish.

It seems to me that the usage of *.img files has changed since the pre-GPL
days, along with my failure to notice, or that "IMG" is being used as the
developers as a synonym for "PIE" on occasion... So I'm not sure what you're
asking me.

> 1) Simplify the creation of IMG files and texture pages. This
> includes splitting up a set of texture pages into their individual
> images as well as recombining a set of images to form texture pages
> (+ .img file).

If, above, you were implying that we allow the user to do this with the
texpages that would get applied to models (eg. droid-hubs), at some point
someone would think it's a good idea to allow the modder to refer to the
individual image filename, and allow warzone studio to automagically
transform the texture filename referenced in the model to the resultant
composite texpage, and transform all texture coordinates absolute to the
individual image into the absolute coordinates needed for the (much larger)
composite texpage, even transparently allowing for arbitrary 90 degree
rotation and mirroring, if the texpage compositor code believes it best to
do so (for space efficiency). Depending on how it is implemented, this could
range from being problem-free to having problems with (reverse)
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