Christian Ohm schreef:
> On Friday, 13 June 2008 at 14:06, Giel van Schijndel wrote:
>> As mentioned before, I don't think ffmpeg is a good option. This due to
>> complications with distributing it.
> Yeah, as I said, I thought everything in Debian is free enough for the
> others as well. If it's not, well, then the choice is easy.

Yup, Debian is definitely one of the most strict GNU/Linux distros about
freedom (if not the most strict one).

The only decoding libs I think are now worth considering are libtheora
on top of libogg and ffmpeg. Thus, considering that Debian distributes
ffmpeg in the "main" (purely free stuff) repository, with a codec of our
choice. I now think that the only issues we need to look at aren't legal
ones but rather the technical differences and difficulties between both.

And honestly I think that most (if not all) of us here are a lot more
competent at making technical decisions than legal ones.

>> Yes, but it isn't handled by the WRF resource system at all, in fact the
>> resource system is completely circumvented for FMVs.
> Hm, but integrating with the wrf system seems too much work for 2.1 (and
> wasn't the plan to replace the wrfs with lua later, anyway?).

Lua, or our own custom WRF files, they're both just a different
language. Integrating with Warzone's resource system (which currently
utilizes WRF files) won't be difficult due to the WRF files though. I'm
not even sure if it will be very difficult, I'd need to that to get an
idea about it's difficulty.

Anyway, it's still about two weeks worth of school stuff in which I
cannot spend much time on Warzone. Thus any such investigation from my
end will have to wait for those two weeks.


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