2009/3/18 bugs buggy <buginato...@gmail.com>:
> Right now, we only check on the version string.  All the other stuff
> we send isn't used.
> I am also not sure about the time period to wait before we auto kick
> someone.  Right now, it is set to 7secs.
> Logic is, player joins.  Host sends version request query.  If Host
> don't get response within 7 secs, then we auto-kick.
> If wrong version string, we auto-kick.
> If all is fine, you won't notice anything.

We should send a message with the "wrong version string" auto-kick,
though. "You're using version X, we require version Y"

And we should only send the "wrong version string" auto-kick if the
two versions are netcode-incompatible.

Let's set the time period to 12.8 secs. ;)

/me likes powers of 2


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