Thanks! We'll look at it right away.

Tony wrote:
> Patch for the bug in firewatir where text elements were not being
> identified submitted.
>> 2.  Working with links using the link text may be different with
>> FireWatir.  For example, my application's login page has a link with
>> text "Login".
>> the command, 'Login').click gives the following error:
>> Watir::Exception::UnknownObjectException: Unable to locate element,
>> using :text, "Login"
>>        from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/firewatir-1.6.0/lib/
>> firewatir/MozillaBaseElement.rb:967:in `assert_exists'
>>        from c:/ruby/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/firewatir-1.6.0/lib/
>> firewatir/MozillaBaseElement.rb:1125:in `click'
>>        from (irb):58
>> but using a regex for the link text works -, /
>> Login/).click
>> I've used the DOM inspector in Firefox and found that there may be a
>> leading and trailing space around the text, so I tried,
>> ' Login ').click but that doesn't work either.
>> Is this just a difference in working with Firefox versus IE?  Clicking
>> on the link using text 'Login' works fine in IE.  I'll keep working on
>> this here to see if it's just something strange with our application.
>> Yep - here's the login page for our production site:
> >

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