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Dear WebKit Team,

Going back to the original topic (Pulling together on WebKit Mobile....)

Wake3 has a working version of WebKit for Windows Mobile. We definitely want to contribute back to the community. We posted earlier about this,
but didn't get much of a reply.

For more information on Wake3, see the video demo on our website at
www.wake3.com. We also gave a live demo at a recent Silicon Valley Mobile Monday event (see our presentation at http://www.mobilemonday.us/?p=188) .
We are planning a public Beta in the next few months and we plan to
release source then.

My main concern is to make sure Windows Mobile code is part of the main trunk, and not a side branch. My recommended first step to make the trunk
more Windows Mobile friendly is to update the Windows version to build
without requiring proprietary Apple libraries.

How does the community feel about this?

Last, we will be at the Mobile World Congress (formerly 3GSM Congress)
next month in Barcelona.  Send email if you want to meet up and see a

We might need to have two different versions of the "WIN" platform. I'd be ok with changing the name of the one based on Apple libraries if appropriate.

 - Maciej

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