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Oliver Hunt wrote:
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The best and easiest way to discuss this would be on IRC in the
#webkit channel of

Sure, but it seems tough to get a time when everyone interested is on.
Should we set a time to discuss this?

I think you'd be safe anywhere between 2pm and 10pm PST, although that's only an educated guess based on my recollection of when GTK, QT, and Apple
folk are around.

It's been mentioned (by some of the Trolltech folks, I believe) that using IRC so exclusively for communication not only makes it very easy for information to be lost into the aether but is also difficult for those not operating on California (or US) time. Perhaps we should be making an effort to have more of our discussions take place on webkit-dev, at the very least in the cases where they originate on webkit-dev as well?

We could also consider logging the IRC channel. This is something I've been hesitant to do before, but it makes asynchronous participation easier, and that's important as we span more time zones and get more people involved in the project part-time.


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