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> Out of curiosity, what's wrong with linking whole application using WebKit 
> against tcmalloc or some other malloc implementation?

There are a lot of things wrong with that. Most of them depend on the platform.

On Mac, for example, WebKit is a framework. Linking apps using WebKit against a 
different malloc implementation would have no effect on WebKit’s memory 
allocation. Further, doing this would create allocator mismatch problems for 
any memory allocated by WebKit but freed by the application or vice versa. 
There are many other problems with this approach on Mac. Another one is that 
there are at least thousands of apps currently using WebKit on Mac, maybe tens 
of thousands (hundreds of thousands, at least, on iOS), and so if this is 
something the app developer has to do, there are a lot of people to reach.

-- Darin
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