On Fri, Oct 02, 2020 at 07:05:21PM -0500, Michael Catanzaro wrote:
> > I realize that Gerrit might not integrate at all with hosting the repo
> > on Github, but has any thought been given to this aspect of the
> > transition?
> That sounds like it would be a significant barrier to contribution, and
> frankly defeat the point of switching. If we have serious concerns with
> GitHub's code review functionality (which, again, I'm not familiar with),
> then we should just use GitLab and have everything in one place. (GitLab
> accepts GitHub logins via OAuth, both on gitlab.com and self-hosted
> instances, so the barrier to contributing remains low either way.)

Gerrit accepts GitHub and other OAuth providers as well, so that's not a
problem. We have been using this for Haiku code reviews for a few years
now, and interestingly we got some complaints from people who don't want
to have a Github account (for various reasons) and won't use our code
review tool because of that.

I think the integration referred to was rather in terms of having
reviews synchronized between Gerrit and Github pull requests, which is
also possible, but I think if the point is to use Github, it doesn't
work this way: if your workflow is too different from the standard way
to use Github, people will still be confused by it and it will still be
a barrier to contribution.

I think having to create an account on a website isn't the main thing
preventing people to contribute anyway? It's more about having to use
project-specific tools to prepare the patch for submission (in the case
of WebKit, having to write the commit message in the Changelog file, for

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