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> 03.10.2020, 21:49, "Adrien Destugues" <pulkoma...@pulkomandy.tk>:
> > Yes that's why I didn't elaborate much. Whichever tool you pick, there
> > will always be people unhappy about it.
> Right. For example, I have negative bias against GitLab, because this
> company have bought its open source competitor (Gitorious, which was
> quite popular service those days) just to shut it down.

I personally have negative bias against both GitHub *and* GitLab.

In the case of GitHub, apart of the reasons already mentioned by others,
yesterday I started getting a new popup asking consent to being tracked
even more.

In the case of GitLab, it's a bloated kitchen sink which does not inspire
trust in me when its official documentation has pearls [1] like this:

  “GitLab has memory leaks. These memory leaks manifest themselves in
   long-running processes, such as Unicorn workers. (The Unicorn master
   process is not known to leak memory, probably because it does not
   handle user requests.)

   To make these memory leaks manageable, GitLab comes with the
   unicorn-worker-killer gem. This gem monkey-patches the Unicorn workers to
   do a memory self-check after every 16 requests. If the memory of the
   Unicorn worker exceeds a pre-set limit then the worker process exits. The
   Unicorn master then automatically replaces the worker process.”

Also GitLab has contracts with ICE (like GitHub), and not only explicitly
decided to continue them, but also attempted to silence their employees
on political matters:




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