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On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 5:07 PM, Marc Paré <m...@marcpare.com> wrote:
> Le 2011-05-27 10:52, Takashi Nakamoto a écrit :

> Not unless you choose the higher quality 1600x or 1900x PNG that is
> suggested. Florian suggested this size as many magazines had asked for
> screenshots when we released v.3.3.2 .

Just large screenshots will not help magazines. They need images with
a high optical resolution, a high density, a high dpi, this doesn't
mean a screenshot window should be 1900pixel wide on a regular user's

Just having a large screenshot doesn't improve quality at all, it
rather makes qualiy worse, as it has to be scaled down to fit, and
then you cannot read the text anymore.

> Unless someone else suggests anything else, I am hoping that all screen
> shots will be taken at the higher resolution so that we have them ready for
> any requests from magazines.

No, this won't help. Have them in a resolution (size, dimensions) that
you can display on a regular user's screen without scaling. For this
the 1000x750 are fine, as those with 1024x768 can display it just fine
(in the browser with slight scrolling maybe), but only very few can
display a 1600xwhatever screenshot without scrolling around or
shrinking it.

Again: regular monitors/screenshot have a density/resolution of
somewhat between 72dpi and 100dpi - for high-quality printing you
would need at least 300dpi

So unless you reconfigure your X-server to use a higher (virtual) dpi
than the default, using a "larger screenshot" will not help at all.
(the larger screenshot will show the very same image, not more
content) there is no point to use larger ones.


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