W dniu 06.09.2021 o 21:57, Ilmari Lauhakangas pisze:
On 6.9.2021 19.52, Brett Cornwall wrote:
On 2021-09-06 15:18, Rhoslyn Prys wrote:
Hmmm, that looks pretty technical to me...

Any chance of doing something nice and easy in WordPress or similar?

Just asking :-)

I cannot speak for those owning this project.

Hugo is most certainly a much simpler solution from a maintenance perspective. Wordpress (and similar CMSes) is a nightmare to maintain and always devolves into a mess of plugins (that everyone is too afraid to change/deactivate for fear of breaking the site), custom PHP snippets galore, horrible WYSIWYG battles, and a general feeling of dread for ever updating/changing Wordpress. So long as reliance on JavaScript is kept to a minimum, this will be a win for libreoffice.org's maintainability and performance (and likely SEO).

As for Git, this technical barrier is a downside for those unfamiliar: Those in charge of content may very well not be comfortable with Git. I should hope that the owners of this project solicited feedback from those in charge of the site content. It's important that they are comfortable with such a workflow.

If it weren't for merge conflicts and other VCS-isms I would argue that learning simple markdown files + a Git GUI would be miles simpler that learning how to use Wordpress... :)

Yep, Brett gets where the idea to try a static site generator came from.

The editors for the English language site have been mostly TDF marketing staff.

After looking into Hugo, I learned that a lot of our friends are already using it:

- KDE websites
- FOSDEM 2021 virtual booth system
- Indonesian LibreOffice sites https://github.com/libreofficeid

So we see that one local LibreOffice community already preferred a static site generator.

As I mentioned in an earlier message, there are many opportunities to improve the online Gerrit editor from the perspective of web content editing and the improvements would benefit LibreOffice developers as well.


A quick thought that I just had concerns the redirections. When switching from the previous CMS to a new one I actually hooked the popular old URLs into the new site structure so the thousands existing links on the websites that we don't have control over would not point to a non-existing content. Would that be possible after the upcoming change?


Dominik Danelski

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