On 2021-09-08 20:13, Andreas Mantke wrote:

Am 07.09.21 um 23:37 schrieb Brett Cornwall:
  $ sudo apt install -y hugo && hugo -F server
sorry, but that doesn't work with the git clone of this repo. Debian 11
currently deliver only hugo 0.80. This version is not able to build the
static site from the source.

You just learned how to set up local development! And again... they
hooked up fancy automation such that you *don't* need to even use your
local environment if you're feeling saucy.

tl;dr I agree that Git is not something for non-tech users to use, but
libreoffice.org is IIRC largely maintained by technical people (it's a
website after all, not a blog). Therefore, Hugo is a perfectly
acceptable solution.

Thus in your opinion it is only usable for tech people and you are happy
to work in your closed group.

I was hesitant to reply to this because I'm starting to think that you're just a troll... but I'll bite: It's not LibreOffice's problem that your distro packages software so old that even the brand new release is already out of date. That's *your* problem to deal with.

And yes, it *is* my opinion that tech-savvy people should contribute to the public face of LibreOffice's web presence. *Industry professional web developers* should be building it because that talent is what makes a good website.

It's asinine to believe that hosting a flimsy CMS for flinging digital mud is a *good* idea in webdev.

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