An extension to this -- how do you handle answering machines?

My gut feeling is that either a no-no (the machine more questionable than a family 
member) -- the information could only be released to the patient or his/her 
representative designated in a written authorizaton.  Perhaps another signature on 
your main consent/authorization form to allow these types of communications is what's 

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> I would like the lists opinion on this topic.
> Patient comes to the office to have their potassium checked because they are on a 
>diuretic.  Later, the physician's nurse calls the patient at home with results but 
>the patient is not home.  Spouse answers the phone.  Can you tell the spouse that the 
>potassium was fine and that he/she should tell the spouse to continue the same dose 
>of diuretic and potassium supplement?  If you say "no, this type of disclosure is not 
>allowed", would it matter that we put a statment in our Notice of Privacy Practices 
>that stated  (in the section on Payment, treatment and  health care operations) "On 
>occasion, we call test results to your home and leave the results with a family 
>member if you are not present".  Now, obviously, we would not do this with a HIV 
>result but it seems like such a waste of everyone's time to play phone tag to 
>accommodate the one patient in a million that is actually upset because you told the 
>spouse what the potassium result was.  Thank you.
> Rich Fairley, 
> Dubuque, IA

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