I am happy to test your driver in development. I have a Weather Link Live 
running for test purposes, so I can play with it.

Op zondag 21 juni 2020 19:18:41 UTC+2 schreef Florentin Prevost:
> Hi,
> I worked with the fork of 
> https://github.com/vinceskahan/weewx-weatherlinklive-json and I would 
> like to ask some questions about driver developpment. 
> - How can I passed argument of weewx.conf to my driver ? I work to request 
> lost data from Weewx on Weatherlink.com because WeatherLink Live don't have 
> API to take archive directly and I would like to passed some arguments like 
> archive_interval, sql password & etc 
> - How work genArchiveRecords when it call? It run as each report ? Or it 
> is a loop that waiting to have return values ?
> Thank you for your answer and support. 

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