Yes, I like the idea. A seperate program that pulls data from Weatherlink 
and stores the data in sqlite or mysql (whatever is configured in 
weewx.conf). And let weewx do the aggreate and daily summaries

Op dinsdag 30 juni 2020 19:05:43 UTC+2 schreef Bastiaan Meelberg:
> Ik like the idea of getting missing data from Weatherlink to weewx. But 
> isn't it better to make it a separate program (say like a 'reverse' 
> wunderfixer)? 
> This way the driver is the most clean, getting and filling de database 
> with old data can be very time consuming and slow the current collection 
> down.
> On Sunday, June 21, 2020 at 7:18:41 PM UTC+2, Florentin Prevost wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I worked with the fork of 
>> and I would 
>> like to ask some questions about driver developpment. 
>> - How can I passed argument of weewx.conf to my driver ? I work to 
>> request lost data from Weewx on because WeatherLink Live 
>> don't have API to take archive directly and I would like to passed some 
>> arguments like archive_interval, sql password & etc 
>> - How work genArchiveRecords when it call? It run as each report ? Or it 
>> is a loop that waiting to have return values ?
>> Thank you for your answer and support. 

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