Some findings

I cannot stop the weewx process by ' /etc/init.d/weewx stop', it keeps 
running for several minutes (and keeps on going). I need to find the 
process ID, and kill it by

root@ubuntu:/etc/weewx# ps -ef | grep weewx
root       17394       1 17 13:27 ?        00:01:59 python3 
/usr/share/weewx/weewxd --daemon --pidfile=/var/run/ 
root       17899       1  0 13:37 ?        00:00:00 /bin/sh 
/etc/init.d/weewx stop
root       18084   13623  0 13:38 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto weewx
root@ubuntu:/etc/weewx# kill -9 17394

Question: why do you have the WLLArchive placed into StdReport-services? 
And not in StdArchive-service? Reading the Weewx-architecture (see, 
it should have its place as an archive_service, dont you agree? Quote: 
"weewx.engine.StdArchive Archive any new data to the SQL databases."

        # This section specifies the services that should be run. They are
        # grouped by type, and the order of services within each group
        # determines the order in which the services will be run.
        prep_services = weewx.engine.StdTimeSynch
        data_services = ,
        process_services = weewx.engine.StdConvert, 
weewx.engine.StdCalibrate, weewx.engine.StdQC, 
weewx.wxservices.StdWXCalculate, user.calcdrought.CalcDrought
        archive_services = weewx.engine.StdArchive
        restful_services = weewx.restx.StdStationRegistry, 
weewx.restx.StdWunderground, weewx.restx.StdPWSweather, 
weewx.restx.StdCWOP, weewx.restx.StdWOW, weewx.restx.StdAWEKAS, 
        report_services = weewx.engine.StdPrint, weewx.engine.StdReport, 

Op zaterdag 4 juli 2020 13:28:16 UTC+2 schreef Maarten van der Hoeven:
> Yes, apologies. Working now. I had the 'old'  config of WLL still in 
> place. Did only change WLLArchive according to the readme...
> It is getting archive records, will test it today!
> Op zaterdag 4 juli 2020 om 12:35:04 UTC+2 schreef
>> Hi, 
>> Like in Readme on Github, you've to set device id like this 1:iss. Or if 
>> you have iss on id 2, set this : 2:iss.
>> I make this to implement extra sensor in future.

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