If you set loop_hilo in std archive section of weewx.conf then only the 
archive data will be used for the daily high/low figures.  If loop_hilo is 
set true then both loop and archive data can affect the stats.  It looks as 
though you have it set to true, and the loop data from a gust is managing 
to set the windspeed.  I do not know what kind of station you have got and 
how it is supplying the wind data - maybe you need to run with debug=1 set 
and monitor your wind speed and wind gust readings as supplied by the 

On Friday, 13 January 2017 14:51:38 UTC+2, dwhi...@googlemail.com wrote:

> select max(windSpeed) from archive where dataTime > xxxxxxxxx;     (for 
> today)    13.8690394820237
> select max(windGust) from archive where dateTime > xxxxxxxxxx;    (for 
> today)       15.4348987783812
> select max, maxtime from archive_day_wind where dateTime = xxxxxxxxxx;    
>  (for today)  15.4348987783812 | 1484308500
> select max, maxtime from archive_day_windGust where dateTime = 
> xxxxxxxxx;     (for today)  15.4348987783812 | 1484308500
> a) miles_per_hour is %.0f
> b) I looked in both tables
> c) archive interval is 5 minutes

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