a) What formatting is specified in skin.conf - for use by .formatted? 

b) when you say "as recorded in the database" - are you referring to the 
archive table or the archive_day_windspeed table?

c) what is your archive interval?

d) what is the result of the following sql commands:
select max(windSpeed) from archive where dataTime > xxxxxxxxx;     (for 
select max(windGust) from archive where dateTime > xxxxxxxxxx;    (for 
select max, maxtime from archive_day_wind where dateTime = xxxxxxxxxx;    
 (for today)
select max, maxtime from archive_day_windGust where dateTime = 
xxxxxxxxx;     (for today)

On Friday, 13 January 2017 13:25:44 UTC+2, dwhi...@googlemail.com wrote:

> Ok Assuming that weewx does rounding in the normal way (anything below .5 
> rounded down and .5 and above rounded up) then there is definitely a 
> calculation error. 
> I have looked at the source data in the database and for today the maximum 
> wind speed recorded (up to now) is 13.4216511116358 (as recorded in the 
> database). This is correctly shown in the text above the graph as a maximum 
> gust of 13mph. The maximum average speed over an interval for today 
> is 12.3031801856662 which when rounded should be 12mph but is showing 
> (using $day.windSpeed.max) as 13mph.

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