The SteelSeries Gauges template fields are correct (well the 10 min average 
actually uses a 1 hour average but that is either here nor there). 

The fact the maximum windSpeed recorded in the archive is lower than the 
what you get with $day.windSpeed.max is not surprising. The windSpeed 
values in your archive are the average of the loop windSpeed values seen 
over that archive period. So if over the first 5 minute archive period of 
the day your station saw (loop) windSpeed values of 6,8,8,10,12 the value 
8.8 (44/5) would be recorded in the archive as windSpeed for that archive 
period. The daily summaries keep track of the Highs and Lows. So the 
windSpeed daily summary would record 12 as the max. As subsequent archive 
periods roll over and loop packets come in additional records are added to 
the archive (ie windSpeed will contain the average of the loop windSpeed 
values over the archive period) and the Highs and Lows in the daily 
summaries will be updated *if a new* High or Low was seen during that 
archive period. So it is quite possible that the maximum windSpeed value 
seen in all of the day's archive records is lower than that returned by 
$day.windSpeed.max ($day.windSpeed.max pulls the max windSpeed value from 
the daily summaries). In fact for windSpeed i woudl almost guarantee that 
the max value in the archive will be less than $day.windSpeed.max. The 
exception is when the daily summaries are rebuilt all of the accumulated 
detail of highs and lows and their times are lost (ie the detail of the 
loop data is lost) and the daily summaries are rebuilt frome the (largely) 
'averaged' archive data.

The real tell will be a query of both the windSpeed and windGust daily 
summaries. If you do:

SELECT * FROM archive_day_windSpeed ORDER BY dateTime DESC LIMIT 1;

and then 

SELECT * FROM archive_day_windGust ORDER BY dateTime DESC LIMIT 1;

I'll bet the values in both of the max columns are the same (the maxtimes 
will likely be different). That is not right and that is why 
$day.windSpeed.max and $day.windGust.max are returning the same values. 
(coincidentally, I get the exact same results on my system with a different 
station so it is not an issue with the station). How weewx handles wind obs 
is complex, and whilst the issue has been identified I think a bit more 
analysis will be required to work any possible fix.


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