Two problems with RC5 so far...

1. There is still something wrong in the history code, with more bogus 
history records being reported.. I have not yet worked out if it was a 
fault in my original code or in the recent adaptation.  Even though I am 
saving every minute, I still have to wait about 1 day before I can do each 
buffer clear, so testing is going to take a while.

2. Weewx stopped reporting at 05:42 this morning - nothing to do with the 
history buffer code. The logs reported that the console's history storage 
was being incremented, but no data was going into the database, no graphs 
were being updated, and nothing was logged from the main code.  My first 
thought is that the code was running in the genLoopPackets code but no data 
was being reported from the console. This might relate to the dropoff in 
packet numbers that I had noted earlier.  More diagnostic code going in.

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