It is set to 5 minutes both values.
I cleared the console log but stability problem continues with RC5.

El domingo, 11 de febrero de 2018, 7:01:59 (UTC+1), Cameron D escribió:
> Hello Ruben,
> I cannot see where you have already said this, but can you report the 
> logging frequency of the WMR300 console and the archive interval you have 
> set in weewx.
> From the logs it look like WMR300 is set to 5 minutes.
> There is an odd section at the start of the console's history log, where 
> it has saved data from before the clock was set up.  Can you please clear 
> the log from the console touch panel.
> And I'll try mine as well, because I have just noticed that my system  
> also has some junk in the first 30 history packets.

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