Got it! Thanks! So far so good. After logging-in, I was able to get to the page I am 
interested in. There was one thing that I forgot to mention in my earlier posts (I 
apologize)... this page contains a "drop-down" list of our customer's locations. At 
present, I choose one location from the "drop-down" list & click submit to get the 
data, which is displayed in a report format. I "right-click" & then choose "view 
source" & save "source" to a file. I then choose the next location from the 
"drop-down" list, click submit again. I again do a "view source" & save the source to 
another file and so on.... for all their locations.

I am not quite sure how to automate this process! How can I do this non-interactively? 
especially the "submit" portion of the page. Is this possible using wget?


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> > Thanks everyone for the replies so far......
> >
> > The problem I am having is that the customer is using ASP & Java
> > script. The URL stays the same as I click through the links.
> URL staying the same is usually a sign of the use of frame, not of ASP
> and JavaScript.  Instead of looking at the URL entry field, try using
> "copy link to clipboard" instead of clicking on the last link.  Then
> use Wget on that.

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