"Suhas Tembe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> this page contains a "drop-down" list of our customer's locations.
> At present, I choose one location from the "drop-down" list & click
> submit to get the data, which is displayed in a report format. I
> "right-click" & then choose "view source" & save "source" to a file.
> I then choose the next location from the "drop-down" list, click
> submit again. I again do a "view source" & save the source to
> another file and so on.... for all their locations.

It's possible to automate this, but it requires some knowledge of
HTML.  Basically, you need to look at the <form>...</form> part of the
page and find the <select> tag that defines the drop-down.  Assuming
that the form looks like this:

<form action="http://foo.com/customer"; method=GET>
  <select name=location>
    <option value=ca>California
    <option value=ma>Massachussetts

you'd automate getting the locations by doing something like:

for loc in ca ma ...
  wget "http://foo.com/customer?location=$loc";

Wget will save the respective sources in files named
"customer?location=ca", "customer?location=ma", etc.

But this was only an example.  The actual process depends on what's in
the form, and it might be considerably more complex than this.

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