"Suhas Tembe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> There are two steps involved:
> 1). Log in to the customer's web site. I was able to create the following link after 
> I looked at the <form> section in the "source" as explained to me earlier by Hrvoje.
> wget http://customer.website.com?UserAccount=USER&AccessCode=PASSWORD&Locale=English 
> (United States)&TimeZone=(GMT-5:00) Eastern Standard Time (USA &amp; 
> Canada)&action-Submit=Login

Did you add --save-cookies=FILE?  By default Wget will use cookies,
but will not save them to an external file and they will therefore be

> 2). Execute: wget
> http://customer.website.com/InventoryStatus.asp?cboSupplier=4541-134289&status=all&action-select=Query

For this step, add --load-cookies=FILE, where FILE is the same file
you specified to --save-cookies above.

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