Thanks Hrvoje, using 
in IE worked like a charm. I didn't have to follow links. I am now trying to automate 
this using wget 1.8.2 (Windows).

There are two steps involved:
1). Log in to the customer's web site. I was able to create the following link after I 
looked at the <form> section in the "source" as explained to me earlier by Hrvoje.

(United States)&TimeZone=(GMT-5:00) Eastern Standard Time (USA &amp; 

2). Execute: wget

I tried different ways to get this working, but so far have been unsuccessful. Any 


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> "Suhas Tembe" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > It does look a little complicated.... This is how it looks:
> >
> > <form action="InventoryStatus.asp" method="post" [...]
> [...]
> > <select name="cboSupplier">
> > <option value="4541-134289">454A</option>
> > <option value="4542-134289" selected>454B</option>
> > </select>
> Those are the important parts.  It's not hard to submit this form.
> With Wget 1.9, you can even use the POST method, e.g.:
> wget http://.../InventoryStatus.asp --post-data \
>      'cboSupplier=4541-134289&status=all&action-select=Query' \
>      -O InventoryStatus1.asp
> wget http://.../InventoryStatus.asp --post-data \
>      'cboSupplier=4542-134289&status=all&action-select=Query'
>      -O InventoryStatus2.asp
> It might even work to simply use GET, and retrieve
> http://.../InventoryStatus.asp?cboSupplier=4541-134289&status=all&action-select=Query
> without the need for `--post-data' or `-O', but that depends on the
> ASP script that does the processing.
> The harder part is to automate this process for *any* values in the
> drop-down list.  You might need to use an intermediary Perl script
> that extracts all the <option value="..."> from the HTML source of the
> page with the drop-down.  Then, from the output of the Perl script,
> you call Wget as shown above.
> It's doable, but it takes some work.  Unfortunately, I don't know of a
> (command-line) tool that would make this easier.

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