I'm not sure that I follow how this might be used in my particular case. I have to work with an existing proxy server which talks FTP protocol on port 21; I don't have an HTTP proxy server
which can get me into the private network where the FTP servers are.

The way this particular FTP proxy works, assuming the following:

 proxy user name:   phred
 proxy user passwd: xyzzy
 proxy server IP:
 remote FTP user:   sherlock
 remote FTP passwd: holmes
 remote FTP server IP:

you connect to TCP port 21 on the proxy server (in the example above,

send "USER phred", followed by "PASS xyzzy"
send "USER [EMAIL PROTECTED]" followed by "PASS holmes"

After this point, everything looks like a real FTP session with the remote server.

As I mentioned, both CuteFTP and WS-FTP Pro refer to this proxy type as "USER after logon". It must be fairly common, because once you get past the confusing terminology, setting up WS-FTP Pro to negotiate the proxy is quite simple.

Jochen Roderburg wrote:

Zitat von Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

There are two bugs here, actually: one is lack of support for
authentication with FTP proxies (feature request), the other is that
it's not clearly documented that proxy-user/proxy-password only apply to
HTTP proxies.

Can anyone tell me offhand, does Wget currently support the use of HTTP
proxies for fetching FTP resources ("GET ftp://foo/ HTTP/1.1")? It looks
to me like the answer is no; if so, that should be filed as well.

This is in wget for long time and working well.

These sometimes called FTP-Proxies are not explicitly supported.
There also seem to exist various schemes how the authentication information for
the proxy and the ftp behind it is transferred, some combinations of USER, PASS
and AUTH, some of them can even be done with wget and a suitable crafted URL. I
think after login the FTP-client does a normal FTP session with the FTP-proxy.

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