Micah Cowan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>> I know nothing of VMS.  If it's sufficiently different from Unix that
>> it has wildly different alarm/signal facilities, or no alarm/signal at
>> all (as is the case with Windows), then it certainly makes sense for
>> Wget to provide a VMS-specific run_with_timeout and use it on VMS.
>> Exactly as it's now done with Windows.
> Not when we can use a more portabile facility to make both systems
> happy.

That's why I said "*if* it's sufficiently different from Unix ...".
It obviously isn't if it only differs in the way that signal masks
need to be restored after longjmping from a signal handler.

> "Doesn't have siggetmask() nor sigsetjmp()" != "wildly different
> alarm/signal facilities".

Of course.  I simply wasn't aware of such a case when I was writing
the code.  I'm not claiming the current code is perfect, I'm just
trying to explain the logic behind it.

>>> because it lacks an unportable facility doesn't make sense--esides
>>> which, we're talking about a Unix here (Tru64), not VMS (yet).
>> Do you say that Tru64 lacks both sigsetjmp and siggetmask?  Are you
>> sure about that?
> That is the only system we are currently talking about.

I find it hard to believe that Tru64 lacks both of those functions;
for example, see

It is quite possible that the Autoconf test for sigsetjmp yields a
false negative.

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