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> > You are continuing to dodge this problem by redefining the WHAT WG's
> > responsibilities. Please don't do that.
> I don't intend to take direction on how I spend my time from you.

Fine; you don't personally have to work on solving this problem, then.
But so far your response to my "I have a problem!" has been to say "you
are incorrect for having that problem" which is not a valuable use of
anybody's time or attention. You are more than welcome to ignore the
problem entirely and leave it up to other WHAT WG participants, several
of whom have expressed interest in working on this (though I trust that
if the outcome is changes or additions to the spec, that your employer
will faithfully implement them in its browser).

> I'd be curious as to whether you can find any statement of the
> WHATWG's responsibilities to back up your claim on my time.

This is getting silly. <https://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/FAQ#The_WHATWG>
says the WHAT WG's purpose is to 'evolve the Web'; since file: URIs
are part of the web, this problem falls within the WHAT WG's remit.

If you continue with this argument, I will simply ignore you. I am more
interested in debating how to solve the problem than quibbling over who
should solve it.

> > On that note I also see that the Fetch API has stubbed out the
> > specification of file: and ftp: URL semantics for definition in the
> > future at <https://fetch.spec.whatwg.org/#basic-fetch>.
> That's not an accurate statement. Rather, Anne has left that as
> implementation-defined, since it isn't part of the interoperable world
> wide web.

The wording "For now, unfortunate as it is" introducing that section
sure sounds to me like this is something that is intended to be
addressed by the spec at a later date. Indeed, at the top of this thread
I proposed one step towards doing that.

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