On Mon, Apr 17, 2017 at 5:53 PM, duanyao <duan...@ustc.edu> wrote:
> When we want to write a web application portable across multiple server
> OSes, these issues could happen too.

Yes, but then you run into implementation bugs. Which are a very
different category from proprietary OS design decisions.

> I think "portable" is never absolute.

Sure, but at least that's the goal for those participating in the
non-proprietary web ecosystem.

> There are always incompatibilities
> between browsers, and even once standardized feature can be
> deprecated/removed in future, e.g. `window.showModalDialog()`,
> `<applet>` and `<keygen>`.

This happens rarely and when it happens it's a very considered
decision involving lots of people. It's usually related to complexity,
lack of use, and security.


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