From: David Kendal []

> This is getting silly. <>
> says the WHAT WG's purpose is to 'evolve the Web'; since file: URIs are part
> of the web, this problem falls within the WHAT WG's remit.

file: URLs are part of the web, e.g. parsing such URLs when used in <a> tags, 
just like gopher: URLs or mailto: URLs. The behavior once navigating to file: 
URLs (or gopher: URLs, or mailto: URLs) is off the web, and outside the scope 
of the WHATWG's work.

> If you continue with this argument, I will simply ignore you. I am more
> interested in debating how to solve the problem than quibbling over who
> should solve it.

Please do so. I'm just stating the WHATWG's position on this for the clarity of 
other participants of this list; I would certainly prefer that you do not 
engage further in attempting to redefine the WHATWG's scope.

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