If this is just the basic application CSS, as opposed to per-component
CSS, then the way I normally do it is outside Wicket itself, i.e. I
have the file at "src/webapp/css/styles.css" (src/webapp/*" gets
copied to the root of the webapp) then just reference it as :

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/styles.css">

It's not simply that WicketBench isn't copying it into the web-app, is it?

As for the redirect to the app, what servlet mapping are you using?
Could that be due to using "/*"?  Personally, I stick to "/app/*",
with a redirecting index.html in the root, but I'm not sure what the
current recommendation is! (If /*, try /app/* and see if that sorts
the CSS too?)


On 05/08/06, Bill Bruyn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have an opportunity to use a new framework on a current project, and I've
> been trying to decide between Wicket and Stripes.  Both look really nice,
> but at the moment I'm leaning toward Wicket.  Got a skeleton project set up
> with 1.2.1 (via Wicket Bench 0.3.0) and am running it with a JettyLauncher
> from Eclipse.  So far, so good, but my wicket page markup (e.g.,
> SomePage.html) doesn't find my css.
> I've tried it at the root of my webapp and in the same directory as the
> markup (looks like from the examples I should just be able to drop it on the
> root).  I've tried adding a resource to the class via
> super.getResourceSettings().addResourceFolder (though I shouldn't need that,
> right?) and nothing seems to work.  I'm sure this is trivial, and it's a bit
> of a disappointment that I've already had to ask for help, but I've done
> some googling, and some browsing of the Wiki and the FAQ to no avail.
> BTW, I should also mention that when I request non-existent resources from
> the app (e.g., foo.html) I am always redirected to the app's homepage
> instead of getting a 404.  Is that the desired behavior?  Is it
> configurable?
> Thanks very much in advance,
> Bill

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