> The problem is also that the CPU was on 100%.

Hmm, that's interesting. We (or rather Johan and Jonathan) really
worked hard at making Wicket as efficient as possible. Even with the
whole object tree creation etc it should still perform very well. If
you find certain hotspots, please share.

I think this was just object creation and io overhead and the GC working on its top..
If you do everything in your local computer. And you do a test that does everything
just in mem (no data/db io) then the CPU will be the bottleneck so it should go to 100%
Where else can it go to?

Stateless pages for Wicket 2.0 is currently under heavy development.
>From an end-user's point of view, it will support the same use case I
mentioned above, and  in addition to that, you can even use forms and
links with stateless pages in 2.0.

But of course with some exceptions!
You can't rely on model data in the Link.onClick() method ofcourse because there
is not data. With forms most state is already pushed from the browser (the data you submit)
so for forms the onSubmit() it is almost as it was normally.

I lost track myself of the status of the whole stateless business in
2.0, so I started a WIKI page here:
http://www.wicket-wiki.org.uk/wiki/index.php/Stateless_pages and I
hope someone else (specifically Johan and Matej) can finish that page.

Matej! how nice that you are doing that! :)

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