I am considering to develop reusable  Content Management System like
components for polls, comments, blogs, news items, frequently asked
questions, and links. Each component would have an interface for users
and administrators. Access for regular users would be restricted to
certain roles or totally unrestricted. Access to administrators would
always be restricted to certain roles. Whether or not approval is
required for an item by an administrator would also be configurable.
Furthermore, access restrictions could also be narrowed down by the
content itself. (e.g. only viewable by registered users).

Each component would generate events upon use, allowing other
functionality to be implemented on top of it (such as notification and
statistics). Persistence for components would be pluggable with
Hibernate as an implementation provided out of the box. Of course, we
could be more ambitious and go directly for JSR-170 but perhaps JSR-170
would simply be an implementation of persistence.

Does a project like this already exist or should I roll my own?


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