> CMS is something that I have been very interested in.  I'd love to have
> such a thing, but have avoided building one myself because, as you say,
> I do have other projects that I work on.  Starting up a CMS by myself
> would take more time than I could give.  But to collaborate on a CMS
> with others....  That I can do.  :-)
I would also be willing to help. But just to clarify what I meant, I
don't want to develop a CMS, but develop CMS components for use in
wicket applications. In other words, what I am looking for are
components usable in any wicket application with the only dependency
being wicket-core (and possibly wicket-auth). Given the wide choice of
CMSs out there, it would not make sense to develop yet another CMS.

Eelco wrote:

>I'd be interested in helping out here and there too. A joint effort
>would be great. Though we should be careful not to let such a project
>fall in the 'designed by committee' category.

That is my fear as well, especially if we would focus on standards such
as JSR-170 too much. In my opinion, the focus should be on a good
object-oriented design of the components themselves with friendly
interfaces, and on keeping it simple.

I intend to write a comments component for my application anyway
(because I need it), so that could serve as a starting point for further
discussions. Or, slightly rephrased, how do we start?

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