Hello Wicket community,



We, two IT-students, are currently working on our graduation assignment.

Our assignment states that we develop a Wicket CMS, or at least components for the CMS.

This assignment will take place from 4-9-2006 until late January of 2007.

At this stage of the project we are just researching which options current popular CMS systems

are offering and which we should implement in the Wicket CMS.

At the same time we are researching how wicket works and which options are useful for using in the Wicket CMS.

Through this mailinglist we would like to inform you about our assignment and we were hoping to get

any suggestions and ideas from you, about which kind of components would you like to see and which not.

We are also in doubt about using the JSR-170. Are you familiar with this JSR and if so what

are your experiences with it. Should we use it or toss it out the window?


We hope that you’re willing to cooperate with us and make this project into a success.



Yours sincerely,


Rick Postma




Ted Roeloffzen




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