> Can somebody tell me how to use setStyle() with a DatePicker


or (completely custom style)

settings.setStyle(new PackageResourceReference(MyDatePicker.class,

> DatePickerSettings datePickerSetting = new DatePickerSettings();
> datePickerSetting.setAlign("cr");
> add(new DatePicker("dateFieldPicker", dateField, datePickerSetting));
> but this does not work. With this configuration, when I click on the
> icon, the DatePicker is not displayed. If I remove the second line, it
> works.

No idea. Please take a look at what jscalendar does/ expects, as many
fields are just a means to pass values through to that components.
Read about jscalendar here: http://www.dynarch.com/projects/calendar/

> Another problem is to configure the DatePicker in a page which locale is
> switched through an Ajax link. Although the component containing the
> DatePicker receives the response, the locale of the DatePicker is not
> changed. I have to reload the teh page to get it work. Is there a
> solution to have the DatePicker refreshed so its locale is changed ?

Just don't use an ajax link to switch the locale. That's not a super
idea anyway, as you would typically want the the whole page, with all
it's markup etc to reload. Change the switch locale link to a normal
link and all should be good.


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