I think the book is a really good introduction to wicket. I actually like it when the author first presents one way of doing something in a big code example and then shows how to do this particular example in a much shorter and cleaner way using another component. I think this is a really smart way of showing the general mechanisms in wicket and then introducing some methods that allow you to do it faster.

Two things I think are missing in the book are:
  • a component reference: Also the wicket site does not contain a full reference. This is extremely importantant I think because if you want people to find and use the components then they should be documented. The wicket site itself is also not that good at it (especially wicket extensions is really low on documentation).
  • an explanation of back button support: As I learned, wicket supports solving the back button problem but you have to know a number of things; it is not transparent. Since back button support is one of the selling points of wicket, I think it should have been described in the book (it is easy to break back button support if you don't know what you are doing).

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