On 9/17/06, Gregg Bolinger <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> That doesn't really contain Erik was stating.  At least not that I could
> find.  If you look here,
> http://myfaces.apache.org/tomahawk/index.html and then on
> the left there is a Components section with information about each
> component. That's what Wicket needs for both the core and extension
> components.

This http://www.wicket-library.com/wicket-examples/compref is our best
effort to date. Furthermore, I do hope people do realize this is an
open source project, not backed by big organizations etc, just our
free time, where we in fact spend almost every free minute of our time
on improving and supporting it (and over two years like that by yours
truly). What we really need is more people besides the core comitters
that take initiative and send in patches for things like this.

We feel we do a good enough job with JavaDoc (I believe a much better
job than many open source frameworks) and the examples project (which
covers most of the functionality of the whole of Wicket). We hope the
rest will be taken up by users working on the WIKI and sending in
patches and stuff so that we have the project functioning the way open
(source) projects are supposed to be functioning.

> Also, why can't the text on the wicket site be bigger? It looks
> horrible and is hard to read.  I have to increase the text size with the
> browser.  Ok, slight hijack there.

People complained about that before. We should fix it. I opened up an
issue for it.


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