--- Comment #5 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
It is highly related : the translation may have been created the first time
only with spammed or completely bogous content, or random content

It is then impossible to revert it to something else that will not be fuzzy, we
want deletion to restore the language fallback that would have been used, or
want that the translate tool does not use this fuzzy item (which was initially
created not fuzzy by the abuser, but reverted as fuzzy after review by another

Suppose you mark a new page, all its translatable items don't have any
translation, and many languages won't have any translation for a very long
time. At any time an abuser will come and will fill in some slang words or
non-sense. As this is a page creation, we cannot revert it. We also cannot
blank it completely (the Translate tool does not accept blank entries).

What we want is the equivalent: filling the content with blank, marked as
fuzzy, the saved translation itme will contain now only "!!FUZZY!" and won't be
used in the generated page, fallbacks will apply.

It is not very evident to blank those items, but we can revert these by
entering "!!FUZZY!!" (and nothing else) in the text area before saving it. The
edit comment should automatically indicate that
- "User blanked the translation and marked it as fuzzy".

Note that the Translate tool does not allow us to add an edit comment, it is
added automatically. It should also indicate if a content was preserved or only
partially modified but also marked by a leading "!!FUZZY:!!" with two edit
- "User marked the existing translation as fuzzy"
- "User modified translation and marked it as fuzzy"

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