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--- Comment #3 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
Ideally there should be a button used to mak a unit back to Fuzzy, a unit may
have been validated by error.
* When ediring a fuzzy unit, the Translate tool removes the initial "!!FUZZY!!"
from the text being edited in the textarea, but the proposed actions should not
be just "Save" and "Cancel", but there hould exist a checkbox reading "Keep
this unit fuzzy when saving" (unchecked by default when opening the unit). Even
if we make some changes in the fuzzy text, this text is still not valid, and we
can pass the hand to another editor by keeping the edited and saved text as
fuzzy. It would require an additional click to this checkbox before pressing
the "Save" button. It is not acceptable that the Translate tool silently edits
the edited text in the textarea displayed and that we can just press save to
confirm something that is still wrong.
* When editing a non fuzzy unit, the "Save keeping fuzzy" should be replaced by
"Make this text fuzzy when saving". For example we could start changing the
text (e.g. the value of a date, or remove some extra linebreaks, without
understanding the language used, so the edit will be minimal, to hel another
Ideally, the Translate tool should work also with reviewers, if translations
must be validated by them before publishing. This means that they can keep an
existing text publshed in a previous version (only the translator that chenged
it would see his recent change he did.
* When ediing any version, we should be able to navigate easily in the
Translate box acroos versions, and the box would display the user that created
that version, the date he saved it, and the edit comment. Navigating between
versions should use simple links "previous version" and "next version", just
like when viewing regular pages in the history (the info is visible at top of
pages as a small line).

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