--- Comment #9 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
It is not off-topic, you just don't understand the real issue that was cannot
easily mark a translation as really bad.

IF you don't want to modify the edit interface, instead provide icons in the
Rereading view, so that we can vote AGAINST (not just FOR as now!!!) this
translation and allow with this icon to:

- reverting it to the previous version (this only requires the capability to
revert pages, any logged on userhave this right, unless it has been blocked by
removing his "reviewer" right),

- or delete it if there's none (it requires wiki admin privileges, different
from the "translate admin" group)

- or saving it as "!!FUZZY!!" only (equivalent solution that does not require
any admin privileges but the standard user rights of all translators).

In any of these 3 cases, there should be a way to explain why we vote AGAINST
the translation and want to revert/delete it.

This is abolsutely need for quality review of translations, a work that any
translator participant should be allowed to do himself, and subject to the
general policy of translators.

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