--- Comment #7 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
Note also that the Translate tool could also force all items in the translated
page to be created immediately with "!!FUZZY!!" and nothing else.

These entries containing only "!!FUZZY!!" would be considered everywhere as
being untranslated at all, including in statistics. All entries will be found
by FuzzyBots, that will discard them.

When to save all these "!!FUZZY!!" items ? Only when creating it the 1st time:
first save it as "!!FUZZY!!" to create it, wait for completion, save the first
edited content.

This allows easy revert of edits by reviewers (and notably by those that
monitor a partially translated page that was created with minimum content to
test the interface (they are receiving notification emails for EACH nexly
created item because they monitor the generated page).

Translation review is an important process and is full part of the Translate
tool (where it is called locally "rereading"). Rereading translations should
allow marking translations as FUZZY in a single click even without changing it
and keeping its content.

If a translation is clearly abusive, translators should also be allowed to
blank it: when saving, there can be a dialog asking if they really want to
delete the translation, in which case it will be saved as "!!FUZZY!!". This
dialog should offer a way to enter an edit comment for explaining why it was

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