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Complying to the above points mentioned I would like propose following
approaches which are mentioned in my proposal also:

* "Captcha for identifying Odd one out", "Image Rotation Based Captcha" and
Effects produced by using php library's ,can help us in combating spam bots
with success rate above 25%, primarly because easy logical question are likely
to be solved by humans but not by bots, Image rotation based authenticity is
best described in this resarch paper:  .
.Also wisely choosing effects have provided resistance over large image
databases like tineye and google images (I came out to this conclusion by
experimenting with images).

*My idea of captcha is to extract images from Wikidata requiring no extra human
efforts , in addition providing text based captcha from free/text file would
not improve much in user experience, as compared to present captcha (which is
really frustrating).

*In my proposal I proposed building an indexing system which would provide
users with globally acceptable images, also this indexing system is designed to
improve with overtime performance.Additional localization can be performed by
using Apertium machine translation api:

*"Clipart based Captcha" and "Image based captcha" would be a big advantage in
mobile devices since "text based captcha" is difficult to input and verify
using mobile keyboard.

All mentioned names of approaches of captcha are explained in detail in my
proposal here :

Your Suggestions and questions are welcome :)

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