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> I am currently managing 5 mediawikis, all using the WMF ConfirmEdit Asirra
> module. None of these are high-traffic, none have a history of being
> over-run by bots. My estimation of spam attempts per hour are based on
> accidentally unprotecting one wiki during a server migration last month -
> about 5 per hour. Currently, zero spam incidents using Asirra in the past
> year.

Very useful, thanks. By the way, you could enable the debuglog "captcha" to
have a full log to grep for stats, I think (as WMF does).

As a reminder, we've talked a lot about non-text captchas above, but the text
captcha solutions can be still considered:
* wikicaptcha with Wikisource OCR (bug 32695) could do as well as reCAPTCHA
which according to Burzstein et al. was broken but still 24 times less than
Wikimedia's (fancy)captcha;
* "just" making a few hundreds language-specific dictionaries and improving the
text images generation to be more similar to Google's (as per same Burzstein et
al.) would improve fancycaptcha dramatically and solve bug 5309 for Wikimedia
at least.

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