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As per the above points :
I have proposed the idea on

* An arbitary(or properly indexed/sorted)image taken from mediaWiki Database,
split into (n x m) matrix using GD and then images are rotated and then set as
Captcha image. A spam bot may need to validation it for (n*m)! times. Incase if
n>3 & m>3 => Total number of combinations possible would be more than (3*3)! =
362880 clearly image captcha Validation for more than 362880 times.

* The CAPTCHA is automatically created from big pools of image files from
mediawiki. There won't be any manual selection of images or other types of
extra human work.

* Proper indexing of Image files from mediawiki can be done which can be region
based local image if required.

* Yes it's Non-discriminatory to users depending on their

* Usable in a mobile context:
    This can be pretty much interactive for touchscreen phone users.
    For other phones we can go with simpler ones like "Simple Image based
Captcha with numbers or alpha-Numeric multi-Case character written on it along
with some lines and similar effects using GD".


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