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UTC ---
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> Why do you think it would suddenly depend on the writing user's preference

I have absolutely NOT said that, you have not understood or misread !

And in fact all I explained was the opposite: the timestamp format MUST
ABSOLUTELY NOT depend on who is signing the message (even if he can choose what
to include in his signature and that must be honored for every one reading
him), and SHOULD PREFERRABLY NOT depend on site "preferences".

All this is speaking ONLY about improving the timestamp format and nothing
else, because this is what is saved in pages.

In other words, when I'll sign a message with "~~~~" what will be saved in the
page will be:

[[User:Verdy p|Verdy p]] {{mw:date-time|2010|12|31|23|59|59}}

instead of:

[[User:Verdy p|Verdy p]] 31 December 2010, 23:59:59 UTC

where ONLY the part "[[User:Verdy p|Verdy p]]" comes from my signature
preferences (independantly of who is reading the saved page).

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