On 08.05.2015 09:40, Stas Malyshev wrote:

Other technical solutions can be found for keeping content apart when
needed (e.g., separate dumps by entity types).

It's not only dumps, it's also searches, APIs, special pages, etc. Of
course, everything can be solved with enough time and coding, but to me
it looks like running a DB server with only one database and only one
table - why not use separation that already comes for free with another
instance? We still can reuse any code we like.

API features must support entity type selection anyway, and I think the same holds for most other cases you mention. One would not start a new Wikibase from scratch but build on the existing code. Therefore, it would be necessary to extend Wikibase with the new features. This will not be a fork, but an extension of the existing system. Therefore, it will be unavoidable to implement it in a way that would work when using all the features on one site. This implies that all of the problems you mentioned will have to be solved anyway.



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