Paul Houle, 08/05/2015 18:30:
Concepts and words are different things,  or better yet,  words (word
senses,  ...) are a special kind of concept.

I think however that Sannita's point is important and interesting.
It can perhaps be illustrated with a simple point: Wikidata items (like Wikipedia articles) connect well to Commons categories, Wikiquote articles (authors/themes/works), Wikisource authors; they don't necessarily connect well to the building blocks (pages), like individual files, quotations, chapters. Similarly, Wiktionary is in large majority very overlapping and connected with the other projects, as long as you consider a subset of it (say, nominative form of nouns). The fact that Wiktionary contains an impressive mass of "other stuff" doesn't make it *so* special as to force a separate install, even though more aggressive/complete implementations of structured data might require one. Just like Wikiquote and Commons currently benefit (from) Wikidata even though one can imagine broader uses with different technical requirements.


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