I very much agree with Lydia and Nemo that there should not be a separate
Wikibase instance for Wiktionary data. Having a single community in a
single project, and not having to vote for admins here and there, have two
different watchlists, have documentation be repeated, policies being
rediscussed, etc. sounds like a smart move. Also, the Item-data and the
Lexical-data would be much tighter connected than with any other project,
and queries should be able to seamlessly work between them.

The only reason Commons is proposed to have its own instance is because the
actual multimedia files are there, and the community caring about those
files is there and should work in one place. If there was only a single
Wiktionary project, it might also be worth to consider having the
structured data there - but since there are more than 150 editions of
Wiktionary, a centralized place makes more sense. And since we already have
Wikidata for that, I don't see the advantage of splitting the potential

On Fri, May 8, 2015 at 8:35 AM Luca Martinelli <martinellil...@gmail.com>

> 2015-05-08 15:33 GMT+02:00 Federico Leva (Nemo) <nemow...@gmail.com>:
> > +1. The Wikimedia community has been long able to think of all the
> Wikimedia
> > projects as an organic whole. Software, on the other hand, too often
> forced
> > innatural divisions.
> >
> > Wiktionary, Wikipedia, Commons and Wikiquote (to name the main cases)
> link
> > to each other all the time in a constructive division of labour. It
> makes no
> > sense to make connections between them harder.
> I start from here, since Nemo got the point IMHO: the fact that every
> project has its own scope doesn't imply that the whole of the
> community works on different scopes - we just decided to split up our
> duties among ourselves. But it's not just that.
> TL;DR: Wikidata and Wiktionary deal with the same things (concepts),
> therefore are best-suited for each other, given some needed
> adaptations. Structured Data and Structured Wikiquote deal with
> different things (objects), therefore are not to be considered good
> examples.
> Long version here:
> In theory, one might just agree that a separate instance of Wikibase
> might be the best solution for Wiktionary, but Structured Data and
> Structured Wikiquote are different from a theoretical "Structured
> Wiktionary", because they respectively deal with images, quotes and
> words.
> Images and quotes are describable *objects*, as the Wiki*
> articles/pages are, and there are billions and billions of those
> objects out there. This is the main, if not just the only, reason why
> we *have* to put up a separate instance of Wikibase to deal with them:
> thinking that Wikidata might deal with such an infinite task is just
> nuts.
> Words, on the other hands, are describable *concepts*, not objects.
> They can be linked one another by relation, they have synonyms and
> opposites, they can be regrouped or separated, etcetera, which is
> exactly what we're currently doing with Wikidata items.
> I know, words are even more than images and quotes, so it would be
> even more nuts to think to deal with this just with Wikidata - but
> Wikidata is *already* structured for dealing with concepts, making it
> the best choice for integrating data from Wiktionary.
> In other words, Wikidata and Wiktionary both work with *concepts*,
> while all the other projects work with *objects*. From a more
> practical point of view, why should I have a Wikidata item about, say,
> present tense[1] *AND* a completely similar item on "Structured
> Wiktionary"? It's the same concept, why should I have it in two
> different-yet-linked databases, belonging to and maintained by the
> very same community? Why can't we work something out to keep all
> informations just in one database?
> This is why I think that setting up a separate Wikibase for Wiktionary
> might end up in doubling our efforts and splitting our communities,
> which is exactly the opposite of what we need to do (halving the
> efforts and doubling the community).[2]
> Sorry for the long post. :)
> [1] https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q192613
> [2] Not sure if I have to remark this, but please, PLEASE, note this
> is just an exaggeration for argument's sake, I have of course no data
> that might confirm factually that the WD community will surge by 100%.
> I just want to make clear my concept (heh).
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